1. Solid spruce keyboard. Black keys are made of Ebony.

2. According to the international standard ,Whole keyboard after advanced drying,moistureproof processing,It will be not affected by the temperature changed.

3. Adopt the weight balance leaded technology that makes the touch experience more perfect.


Adopt Germany ROSLOU –it can bear huge tension and ensure the sound quality. The sound is rich and warm. Japan Suzuki string is another option for customers who like bright sound.


1. We use German FFW hammers which has original sound performance. We also offer Abel or Renner hammers as high grade options.

2. Imported rosewood impacting resistance & abrasion resistance.

3. Adpot high-end pure wool hammer that makes the sound much more mellow and bright.


19 cross ply hard maple. The high quality promises that it holds the tuning pin tightly. We also offers German Dehonit pinblock for high grade option.


1. Following the quintessence of European designs, scientific and rational components, precise and sensitive framework.

2. Selecting materials carefully, 90% of raw materials, including wood, felt, springs and so on are from the world famous suppliers.

3. Fine workmanship, The main spare parts ( including flange, hammer shank, repetition lever) are processed by the equipments which imported from Germany and Japan. The whole production environment is controlled in temperature and humidity.

4. High beat-resistant performance, The minimum test standards of devastating beat – consecutive beats 500,000.

5. High climate- resistant performance, Special treatment of center is to protect actions operation safety in different climatic conditions in the global.

6. Wide applicability, Fully meets all specifications matching requirements.


1. Made of top quality solid spruce which is one year thoroughly dried by a special drying technique and afterwards passed through a strict test dryness, humidity and temperature, moisture content 6%-8%, density 0.35-0.4g/cm3

2. it ensures the flexibility and resonance of the sound board which is responsible for a top quality tone.